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North Adams

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The history of North Adams is a portrait of survival and a celebration of diversity, which is not only expressed in its citizens and their ancestry but also in the many faces that the city and its environment have taken on through the years. From the isolated military outpost that fought a dramatic battle in the mid-1700s, through the roller-coaster ride of prosperity and economic depression endured by its citizens, North Adams exemplifies the strength that is a trademark of New England. North Adams contains an unusual collection of rare photographs that celebrate every aspect of the city. The book exemplifies how the population is a mosaic of cultures that sought a better life and wove an atmosphere of acceptance and sharing. An important part of that better life included the industry that made indelible imprints on the nation's history by producing pig iron for the Civil War's famous Monitor ironclad, by the engineering feat of the Hoosac Tunnel, and by leading the nation in the manufacture of fabrics, shoes, and electric capacitors. The diverse architecture that dominates hillside church steeples, the long gone Victorian depot station, the devastating floods, the majestic hot-air balloons, and the everyday faces of citizens are all captured here in striking photographs. Together they create the story of a city that always found a way to survive. 128 pages.Paperback.
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