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Away from Home

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At least since the biblical Exodus, stories of establishing a home, leaving home either voluntarily or by force, and homecoming have collectively formed one of the great organizing subjects of Western civilization. Away From Home conveys the widespread and continuing import of such themes through provocative and playful projects by mid-career and emerging artists from five continents. Issues of home, travel, exile, nomadism and sense of place are reflected on by Franz Ackermann, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Allora y Calzadilla, Lisa Brice, Raul Cordero, Gregory Green, Lee Mingwei, Jac Leirner, Ken Lum, Marcos Ramirez (ERRE) and Jill Rowinski. Accompanying essays contribute a poignant recollection of an archetypal childhood journey; discuss the exhibition within and against the context of art world internationalism; and interlace wide-ranging comments on travel, home and recent art history with the specifics of Away From Home's artists and artworks. 112 pages. Paperback.
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