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Kim Faler: More or Less

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"As we go about our lives, time passes in large and small ways. We follow daily routines at predictable intervals on the clock, we hustle to meet unexpected deadlines or a change in the schedule, and we seek out extended time with friends, a book, or our own thoughts. Our homes, studios, and offices are scattered with the quiet temporal residue of half-finished drawings, stacks of mail, apple cores, or hopeful to-do lists.From this array of endless moments, we cobble together a meaningful existence, celebrating the objects and events that manifest a sense of permanence, and absentmindedly abandoning the small bits that helped structure our achievements. Kim Faler's work directs our attention to these small bits, and finds purpose and beauty in the ways in which they contribute to the overall architecture of our lives." Rachael Arauz

62 pages. Hardcover.

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