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Sprague Electric: An Electronics Giant's Rise, Fall and Life After Death

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Sprague Electric: An Electronics Giant’s Rise, Fall and Life after Death, written by John L. Sprague, is a narrative of corporate success, and a cautionary tale of what to avoid.  John L. Sprague portrays the value of investment in research and development, and also the effects of raw material supply chains on product lines. An account of a company’s relations with the town where its factories were located, the small mill town of North Adams, Massachusetts.  This book is about a vulnerable company that weathered the stresses of the Great Depression and triumphed, only to be brought down by the recessions of the 1970s and 1980s. Its principal manufacturing plant is now home to Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Yet, Sprague Electric’s successor companies continue its legacy in the electronic components industry. Corporations formed from its different business units and operations are now spread around the world. 224 Pages. Paperback.

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