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FreshGrass Banjo Raffle 2018

$ 10.00
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The Americana™ is the first 5-string banjo from Deering to be fitted with their new Grand 12” rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and a much warmer tone. The fullness and warmth of the larger rim is further enhanced by the addition of a 12” Renaissance head which beautifully complements the banjo both visually and sonically.

You could walk home from FreshGrass 2018 with this banjo — worth $649 — in your hands, for only $10. Enter the FreshGrass Deering banjo raffle here through Thursday, September 13. We’ll pick the winner on stage during the festival on Sunday, September 16. If you can’t make it, we will ship this stunning 5-stringer banjo straight to you. Entries will not be mailed and all sales are final.

Played with an old time style technique, the Americana is reminiscent of banjos from a period when larger rims were more prevalent which makes the 12” a great setup for playing old time music. A traditional 11” banjo with a frosted top head has a far brighter sound and will “cut” more. Since the combination of the Grand 12” rim and the Renaissance head makes for a wonderfully laid back sound in comparison, the Americana lends itself perfectly for musicians looking to use the banjo to back up a vocalist or another instrument, instead of playing the a lead instrument role.

Made in America.

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