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Clifford Ross Boxed Set

$ 225.00
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Clifford Ross' latest publications - Hurricane Waves and Seen & Imagined - can be  together inside a stunningly beautiful slipcase box. Limited edition of 250.

Hurricane Waves: To photograph storm-tossed waves during a hurricane, Clifford Ross goes into the surf himself, deploying a wetsuit, flotation vest, and safety harness. The result is a series of stunningly dramatic black and white photographs that are among Ross’s most iconic works. 192 pages. Hardcover.

Seen & ImaginedFrom the romantic, highly detailed realism of his large-scale "Mountain" photographs to multimedia pieces that embrace abstract forms drawn from close observation of nature, Clifford Ross's work is unlike any other. In 2002, Ross invented his R1 camera, with which he has produced some of the highest resolution single shot photographs ever realized. In a Ross Landscape, viewers can spot a bird in a tree on a mountain a mile away. Seen & Imagined accompanies a landmark exhibition at MASS MoCA. It offers a comprehensive survey of Clifford Ross's work, from large-scale, highly detailed landscape photographs to his latest "invisible art" - and augmented reality app for smartphones that reveals a hidden work within a work. 232 pages. Hardcover.

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