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Annie Lennox T-Shirt: Now I Let You Go...

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We took Annie Lennox's original sketch for her MASS MoCA exhibition "Now I Let You Go..." and printed it in white and gold to create these stunning t-shirts.

Printed locally in Sheffield, MA. This garment is 100% sweatshop free.

“Annie’s ferocious talent as a songwriter, her dynamic stage presence, and her passionate call to social activism make her work cut an exceptionally wide swathe across global culture. We know and admire Annie Lennox’s work in the public sphere, and there will be sections of this show in which that iconic persona reverberates — sometimes metaphorically, sometimes sonically, sometimes stylistically, and sometimes with just a trace of irony. But juxtaposed against her public face, as we examine this excavation of remarkably personal objects, we will come to better understand some of the underlying and more private forces that motivate her work in song, and her passionately argued campaigns for justice, global health, and social equity across gender and race,” notes MASS MoCA Director Joseph Thompson. 

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