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Brilliant Brain Coloring Book

$ 15.00
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Featuring 25 fanciful brain designs, this coloring book makes a great gift for neuroscientists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mindfulness practitioners and meditators, students and teachers. Those who have had a brain illness or injury, and their caregivers have also found inspiration in these coloring pages.

Let your imagination run wild while you color the designs in this book and use the 3 blank brains at the back to create your own fanciful design. An extra half inch margin at the binding leaves you enough room to cut out a finished brain and each design is sized for a standard 8x10 inch frame. Use colored pencils or markers. You’ll want to stick a piece of blank paper behind a page before using markers in case of bleed through to protect the design behind it.

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