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SWIMMERS: Carole Feuerman

SWIMMERS: Carole Feuerman

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Realist sculptor Carole A. Feuerman’s human-figure sculptures express a refreshing perspective on the mundane but intensely personal activities of modern life. Her powers of observation and versatility find unique expression through various materials that include marble, bronze, vinyl, and painted resins, while she incorporates both ancient and contemporary methods in the creation of her works. Swimmers: Carole Feuerman is a gorgeous and shimmering glimpse at transitory, contemplative moments in time, often captured in a veil of clear resin that replicates tumbling water droplets.

In his astute and insightful essay, John Yau describes Feuerman’s exquisitely rendered figures as subjects “caught in a moment of transition that radiates an intense eroticism.” Her figures seem capable of thought, evoking an inward life that invites our speculation while revealing a mysterious chasm between the figures and the viewer that can never be plumbed. We cannot know their thoughts and perhaps that is exactly the point. Feuerman fuses the tactile nature of her sculpture with a visual verisimilitude that provides us a fleeting glimpse into private and isolated environments—women stepping out of the shower, in the rain, or swimming—that suggest a meditative bliss. 148 pages. Hardcover.

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