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Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More Highly

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Katharina Grosse is known for the vibrant palette and exuberant gestures of the herge-scale canvases and raucous installations which merge painting, sculpture, and architecture. Wielding a spray gun instead of a brush, Grosse often paints directly on the walls, floors, or facades of her exhibition sites, altering the logic and scale of architecture itself. In an effort to liberate her works from the Euclidian space of wall and floor, Grosse also incorporates into her multidimensional paintings a variety of unexpected objects, including beds, clothes, balloons, shaped canvases, and soil. Joining these incongruous elements in a continuous flow of color, Grosse opens up a new path for painting while rearranging conventions, hierarchy, and our very habits of seeing.

At MASS MoCA the artist applied her atmospheric veils of paint to four mounds of soil which seemed to spill from the upper balcony into the enormous space below. Stacks of Styrofoam shards rose out of the seductive mountains of color, mirroring the white of the gallery walls—the metaphorical canvas of Grosse’s tremendous painting. Paperback.

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