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Patrick Sansone Framed Print: Fireworks

Patrick Sansone Framed Print: Fireworks

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This image is from a series of 120mm and 35mm film photographs entitled Noticings: Walls | Windows | Words, taken in 2020 and 2021 by Wilco and The Autumn Defense multi-instrumentalist Patrick Sansone. This framed print measures 16.5" x 18.5". Image is  11.5" x 14".

As the pandemic entered our lives, Patrick found himself returning to film photography after a pause from the practice of almost 9 years. Solitary road trips and wanderings with his cameras during the first two years of the pandemic were a way to combat the anxiety and heavy mood of that moment. To be alone and present. To center what he has come to describe as a “heightened state of noticing”, allowing himself to be in quiet conversation with the light around him, letting his eye go where it wanted to without judgement. Initially, the 16 images in this series were chosen because of their focus on color. But a thread emerged – that of walls, windows, and words. Perhaps all elements that either create or attempt to deal with isolation.

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