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Ran Hwang XL Phoenix Button

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This 3 inch round button features one of Ran Hwang's incredible phoenixes from Untethered.

Using thousands upon thousands of buttons and pins, Korean artist Ran Hwang returns to MASS MoCA to install Untethered, a 140-foot-long sculpture featuring 14 birds, including six phoenixes. Hwang's recurring representation of birds in flight  echoes the transient nature of existence and serves to represent ideal life achievements, such as limitless opportunities and freedom from worry. The piece, limited by architecture even in the generous gallery space of MASS MoCA, suggests the contrary - that birds encounter predators and other obstacles, facing constraints and challenges that are out of their control. Layered amidst the birds, metallic thread spider webs suggest, perhaps, that the more freedom is desired, the more difficult it is to achieve.

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