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Richard Segalman Black & White: Muses, Magic & Monotypes

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For many, the name Richard Segalman conjures up a vision of light-infused paintings of women gathered on a beach, gazing out the window of a New York City brownstone, or dressed in costumes from another era. But just as Edgar Degas, approaching his 60th year, surprised gallery goers with an exhibition not of ballerinas or race horses, but of highly atmospheric monotype landscapes, so too does Segalman surprise us with this exceptional collection of monotypes he began to produce in 1993, at nearly 60.

Segalman’s shift into this medium is powerfully conveyed through his arresting black-and-white prints that range from anonymous crowds on Coney Island beaches or New York City streets to a solitary figure in private contemplation. This monochromatic focus makes perfect sense: his first gallery appearance in New York—a sold-out show that gave him the courage to embrace the artist life—consisted entirely of black-and-white charcoal drawings, several stunning examples of which open this book. 176 pages. Hardcover.

The Artist Book Foundation is dedicated to documenting and celebrating the lives and work of artists through the richest visual presentations and most informed narratives. Preserving and sharing this artistic heritage enriches our communities and provides inspiration for current and future generations. 

For every book purchased, another is donated to an underserved public library or school.
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