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Strategies for Serious Older Artists

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Thought provoking concepts and strategies! Retooling your studio methods. Protecting your Legacy. What will happen to your art when you are dead? How to keep your art in view and known, it is not too late! Long-term art and studio planning! Ideas for art collectors and art professionals, too! Younger artists would be wise to read this now! Creating and aging, for success! Artists don t retire; they work until they drop. Aging will affect how you work and how much you produce successfully. Equally important, most serious artists accumulate artwork that is not sold. How do you preserve your work and what will happen to your work after you die? The truth is that most of the art made by the majority of artists will end up in the attic, basement, dumpster or flea market. Spouses and children can not successfully handle a lifetime of artwork. If you care about your later years and giving your art the respect it deserves, this book will show you how to upgrade and adjust your studio methods, how to get ahead of the curve for your later years, and offer alternatives for preserving and exhibiting your lifes work even after you die. No matter what your current situation, the ideas and problems presented in this book should be understood and considered as early as possible. 204 pages. Paperback.
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