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The Birds of Mount Ephraim

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Teacher and children’s book author, Mary Angela Talbot, digs deep into the history of residents of her childhood home on a hilltop in Richmond, MA. In her children's book The Birds of Mount Ephraim, Ms. Talbot intertwines the lives of past residents to local bird species, who return year after year.

In what promises to be a springboard for thoughtful discussion by elementary students, Mary, tells the stories of actual Richmond residents who date as far back as the Mohicans. She cleverly connects the people to the birds that made the area home through the calendar year and throughout the centuries.

Mount Ephraim was the name of an area in Massachusetts which now comprises the town of Richmond. It was also the name given the stately colonial house where Talbot was raised. She says, "The book's characters are real people who lived around the area or in my house. It is designed to be read aloud to children and to encourage thoughtful discussion afterward, spurring thoughts about the passage of time, both through years and during the seasons of a single year. It ties present-day lives to those who came before us, and those who will follow. What is the same; what is different? And isn't it sweet that all of these birds return to Mount Ephraim year after year and generation after generation!" Hardcover.

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