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Z Wrap Eco Friendly Food Wrap: XL

$ 18.00
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Keep your biggest food items fresh with this super-sized wrap.

So many of us wonder how to keep bread fresh—turns out, the best way is the natural way. This XL Z Wrap big enough to wrap a full-sized baguette and keeps it fresher for longer. Cover bigger bakeware pieces, cover rising bread dough, cover a watermelon, roll out a pie crust, be a placemat…bring it on, this XL can do it! All your big leafy greens will love being wrapped up and kept fresh in this XL wrap. There's no better alternative to plastic bags than a Z Wrap!

There is mighty power in this Z Wrap: when used in the kitchen, 1 small wrap can save over 1,000 plastic bags! Z Wraps are reusable. Wash with cool water and mild soap. Leave it to air dry. And be sure not to wring it out. 

Dimensions of an XL wrap: 16" x 26"

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