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1.5oz Mini Preserve: Jalapeño and Lime Chili Jam

1.5oz Mini Preserve: Jalapeño and Lime Chili Jam

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This 1.5oz mini jar of Jalapeño and Lime Chili Jam was make by Blake Hill Preserves in Windsor, VT. The perfect size to sample or add to a gift bag!

Featuring locally grown organic chilis from Honey Field Farm, jalapeños are cooked with fresh limes, cucumbers and apple cider vinegar, then add just a little pure cane sugar for a touch of sweetness, to create a rich, refreshing and deliciously vibrant medium heat chili jam. This stunning combination makes for a great glaze for swordfish, steaks or salmon; a delicious crema when mixed with sour cream; and a great addition to cornbread.

Ingredients: Fresh jalapeño chili peppers, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, limes, fruit pectin

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