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Chris Taylor: Bubble Wrap

Chris Taylor: Bubble Wrap

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Artist Chris Taylor created 40 limited-edition blown-glass vases for the MASS MoCA 2017 benefit event in New York City. Taylor was part of the group exhibition Explode Every Day: An Inquiry into the Phenomena of Wonder at MASS MoCA in 2016, and he is a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Taylor’s work turns the mundane into the extraordinary. For twenty years he has been close-copying ready-made objects in glass, magically replicating materials such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam, soap, plastic, and paper. These objects combine his interests in subversion, irony, and humor with beauty, elegance, and a reverence for the tradition of glassmaking. Taylor’s art exists as both sculptures and functional art objects, allowing his viewers to indulge in the tactile nature of these objects outside of an art context.

Blown Glass, dimensions variable

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